Family Photography, likenesses, and dozens of cousins

Growing up in a fairly large extended family I was used to being told that I took after my Father and one of his brothers.  As I got older it was clear to me that there was a definite set of features that looked like my Father’s side of the family and children at various ages were compared to the previous generation in a multi volume book of cousins family trees with some very old photographs. Uncanny resemblances across the generations could be picked out.

Now I’m a grandmother I’m doing the same with my own children and their children. I love one nostalgic  picture of me aged 2, not for its own sake, but because I’ve seen the same look in several of my grandchildren. It’s a never -ending cause of interest to parents.

Newborn Photography

I am a member of the British Association of Newborn Photographers (BANP)  which selects its members only from those who have undergone appropriate specialist training in newborn photography and whose work shows an appropriate level of skill and most of all care for the safety and comfort of the baby. As a trained doctor I am specially conscious of this and you may be sure that your baby's safety, needs and comfort come top of my list during a photo shoot.


My guiding philosophy on family photography is that it should bring pleasure to both the participants and the viewer. It should provoke interest, emotion and enjoyment.

I aim to capture the personalities involved, and the relationships within the group, not just the faces of my subjects.

For the participants it’s also about having fun in the process of getting wonderful pictures. I may ask people to do things they wouldn’t have thought of, but which will make the pictures look great. It’s an especially enjoyable kind of teamwork.

‘Larking about’ is usual during my photo shoots – there’s lots of laughter and people tell me “That was so much fun”

So come on and join the fun - why not call me to talk about your ideas!