Exciting news – You are expecting an addition to the family.

A magical transformation happens when the pregnancy bump begins to show.

Thoughts, priorities and expectations are all different from now for the rest of your life.

Your newborn baby depends on you – relies on you, loves you unconditionally.

A new set of emotions begins.

The first year of a baby’s life is so magical going from a little scrap of humanity, to a child who walks, talks and interacts with you in their own special way. Each day brings changes you’ll notice, however fleeting. Professional baby photography is essential to capture these moments.

Within the first few weeks families start to decide who the baby looks like. Capturing that moment in a professional photograph of your newborn baby, who still fits into her father’s hand is a special delight.

As time goes on the tiniest fingers which grip you reflexively at birth begin to have a purpose of their own!

Magical moments to capture are frequent but transient, with huge baby yawns, and tiny fingers clutching yours, first smiles, peeping at you, sleeping sweetly – all merit the attention of a professional photographer.

For a newborn baby it's a really specialised skill - Make sure your photographer is trained and safe to handle your baby and is a member of BANPAS the Baby and Newborn Photography Association, who require evidence of safe handling and specialist training to allow membership

I love nothing more than those grumpy, snuggly, sleepy, dreamy moments in the first two weeks. I can capture these fleeting glimpses which are gone so fast and so hard to recall when the baby grows and changes so quickly. Even after a couple of weeks you'll look back and wonder how was your baby so tiny! As the child grows up you’ll marvel at these moments and be glad they’ve been recorded; grandparents will coo, and possibly even cry a little, to see family likenesses in the photographic portraits of the beautiful babies you’ve made. All will agree ‘my baby is a genius’ as normal milestones come along, rolling over, sitting up, first attempts to stand, first uncertain steps,  first words –what will it be?

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