Family Occasions

Professional Family photography should cover special Birthdays, such as one year old, five years old, 18 years old or right up 80 years old  or more these days.

Anniversaries, engagements, sporting achievements, and many other defining life events are all worth a professional image to preserve them forever.  Sometimes an incredible opportunity arises, like meeting a famous or much admired person. Recording this for posterity is an opportunity not to be missed.

Aging is different these days and significant birthday party photography now reaches to much greater ages than in the past. ‘Sixty is the new forty’ so photography which could be entitled Sensational at Sixty or Elegant at Eighty can be created to commemorate these moments

Celebrating being in fantastic shape adds to the family history pages for future generations to consider how well they measure up to remarkable individual in the photographs.

Having an excuse to dress up and look gorgeous is something at least some in the household will appreciate

Some of my favourite moments are Birthday parties at special venues like Cliveden, or South Lodge Hotel and other wonderful backdrops. Surprise birthday parties are fun to photograph, capturing all the fun of the revelation if the secret has been well kept.

Outputs from a birthday shoot can include all kinds of lovely ways to preserve the pictures, canvases acrylics, framed images and albums can all add enjoyment and a chance to relive the pleasure of the day itself.

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