When the young leave home it’s a bittersweet moment of mixed emotions – A portrait to keep them in your thoughts is a good investment.

Suddenly the moment has arrived to let the young adult members of the family out into the big, wide, dangerous world. You’ll feel wonderful at how grown up they suddenly are, you’ll feel anxious for them encountering new challenges. You’ll want to protect them and let them go! It’s a dilemma most parents face.

One way to preserve their presence at home, but without the dirty laundry, late nights and unwashed plates, is a photo shoot to provide you with instant memories. You can hold onto this precious memory however far away the person is in reality. Capture the ‘moment of fledging’ with pride at what you and they have achieved, and save it for all time.

Let's see if we can make that work for you - I'd love to capture your offspring at this exciting stage in their life.

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