Childrens preparation suggestions


Please select several different outfits.  Don’t worry about choosing too much - the more choice, the better!

Suggestions:  Denim jeans/ dungarees etc; bright coloured clothes; pinafore dresses; long shorts; hats & headbands etc - in fact anything you think looks good on your children!

As your child will be photographed with you, please think about coordination of colours i.e. not extreme differences, like one person in black and one in white! Similar colour tones look good when there are several people involved.

If (s)he has a favourite teddy or soft toy you may like to include this in the pictures.  The more old fashioned ones look better, but as we are intending to capture this moment in his childhood, his favourite toy will have a lot of sentimental value in the future – (no matter how grubby and chewed it may seem now!)

Smaller children

Please make sure that your appointment time is a good time for your child.  If (s)he is tired and hungry (s)he will be very difficult to photograph.  We will have a little break from time to time, if need be, to let him/her refresh his/her energy levels.


After the session I will arrange a convenient time for you to view your pictures.  The pictures will be presented in the form of a slide show, and you will have plenty of opportunity to discuss your opinions and any requirements.  I have a selection of beautiful albums and frames - please do not hesitate to ask for advice on any aspect of presentation.


Please don’t worry that your little one won’t smile or behave – Kate has endless patience with children (except her own of course!); she likes to photograph children as they are, looking really natural.  This photo shoot will be a lot of fun, and when children are enjoying themselves, they always look wonderful!