Preparation for photoshoot

The following is a list of SUGGESTIONS only - each session is individual and it is important that you feel comfortable with your choice of clothes, so that the pictures reflect your lifestyle.


Please select several different outfits.  Don’t worry about bringing too much - the more choice, the better! 

Some suggestions:  Evening dress; jeans; black trousers; light coloured body or top; long sleeved shirt; casual jumper; shoes; tights etc (this is not an essential list - but it only intended as a guideline – please bring anything you feel happy in).

As you are being photographed with others please think about coordination of colours i.e. not extreme differences like one in black and one in white! Similar colour tones look good when there are several people involved.


If you wear glasses - tinted or ‘Reactalite’, they can look very dark in photos.  If you are able to have non-reflective glass this will be beneficial but not essential.


Please have your hair as you wish for the photographs. I want to make sure you are absolutely thrilled with the finished results.

...... and when you’ve digested all this - just relax - this session is totally for you - enjoy it!


For Newborn Baby photo shoots please go to

this page for a newborn baby shoot eBook