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A snapshot from Kate Lloyd
Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable and fun

So how can you ensure everyone enjoys themselves


Be memorable and do your best to let everyone have fun

.... but accept that you can't please everyone!

"Girls just wanna have fun!"

   Pretty much every single one of our clients wants their wedding
to be FUN.  Nobody wants a boring party and yawning guests. 

   So this email will focus on what you can do to guarantee that
your wedding is fun.  When your wedding is fun...it's the dream
wedding you've always wanted.  Your guests will talk for years
about how great your wedding was and compare it to all others that
come after.

   Of course, I'd be lying if I told you that you can do something
to "make" your guests have fun.  You can't.  If your guests have
their hearts set on pouting or crying in the corner, there's nothing you can
do to stop them.

   But you CAN guarantee that YOU have a fun time.  And if you take
these actions, it all but guarantees that if your guests want to have
a good time, they WILL.

   1) Set An Example Of Fun. 

   If you want your wedding to be fun, YOU have to have fun.  Your
wedding is all about you.  Your guests will be looking to you for
guidance.  You're the star of the show.  If you aren't having a good
time...chances are they won't, either.

   On the other hand, if you're having the time of your life, your
guests will be compelled to join you.  When you incorporate humor
into your day, they will laugh along with you.

   If you want your guests on the dance floor...go to the dance floor.
Your guests will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.  (It's the
white dress.)  The party goes where you go.

   Making sure you have fun at your own wedding is the number one
way to guarantee a killer party.

   2) Create A Comfortable Environment for You and Your Guests.

   What do I mean by a "comfortable" environment?  A big piece of
this is selecting an entertainer who "gets" who you are and the
feel you want for your party. 

   If your guests are naturally shy, and your entertainer tries to
drag them onto the dance floor...they will NOT feel comfortable.

   No comfort, no fun.

   On the other hand, if your entertainer's style matches your own
and meshes with your guests...they'll feel comfortable enjoying
themselves in whatever way is natural for them.  Comfort leads to
relaxation...which translates to FUN.

   Guests feel comfortable when they know what's going on and what's
expected of them.  Make sure your entertainer guides the flow of
events so that guests know where to go and what to do.  This sets
the guests at ease and makes for a good time.

   3) Be There.

   This one sounds obvious, right?  Unfortunately, that's not always
the case.

   I can't tell you how many times I've seen the bride and groom
DISAPPEAR from their own wedding reception.  Maybe they step outside
for a smoke, or they decide to chat with guests in the hall.

   When the bride or groom leaves their wedding celebration, it's
As if the air gets sucked out of the room.  People are lost without
their host and hostess; they wander around like lost puppies or resort to
the bar with disastrous results.

   If you want your party to be fun, STAY IN THE MIX.

   4) Get Your Photos Done EARLY.

Make sure you agree with your photographer how much time is
really needed for the shots of the two of you which take you away
from the guests. Do yourself a favor and allow plenty of time for a
leisurely photo session BEFORE the reception. 
Work with your photographer to plan your formal portraits, if you want them, so that
you can join your guests for as much of your wedding reception as
possible...at ALL stages.

   If you leave your reception for a photo session, the risk is that the party
dies without you.  It's YOUR wedding and your guests NEED you to have fun too.

   It sounds like the ultimate co-dependent situation...but it's
true.  Occasionally, a rowdy group will keep on partying without you
...but that's the exception to the rule.

   5) Share Your Story With Your Guests.

   Your guests will have the most fun when they are ENGAGED and
INVOLVED in your wedding.  The best way to engage them is by sharing
your love story and the interests, hobbies and quirks that make you
who you are.

   There are lots of ways to do this.  Personalize your vows.  Have
your entertainer tell your love story to your guests.  Take the
microphone and tell them yourself.  Share your story in your program
or on a card at each table.

   If you have a sense of humour, play it up.  Ask your entertainer
for assistance and ideas.  The more laughs, the more engaged your
guests become...the more fun.

   Find a way to share your story that fits you.  It will have a
huge impact on how much fun your guests have at your wedding.


   I hope you've enjoyed my Top 5 Tips to bring the fun to your
wedding.  My years as a wedding professional have proven that
these methods WORK time and time again.

  Brides who follow these guidelines have fun, unforgettable parties.
Brides who choose to ignore them...well, they definitely miss out on a lot of fun they could experience.

Happy Planning!
Best wishes

From the studio

Action men reducing pre-wedding nerves!

Girls do have fun at the wedding

A small but fascinated guest!

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