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A snapshot from Kate Lloyd
Growing up

From the first newborn days and weeks things change so fast


............ from absolute baby to a toddler

Growing up fast

Can you believe how quickly a baby changes

It always amazes me that those first few precious moments vanish so quickly

Then comes the baby stage, all chubby and gorgeous, then sitting, crawling, cruising and standing all happens apparently in a flash.

if you missed the newborn moment don't hesitate to catch something now

My fantastic offer of a discounted Photoshoot fee is about to end.

From £85.00 for a shoot until Easter it will go back to the original fee of £120 plus VAT.

So if you were thinking of some family, child or baby photography this year, book now to secure the discounted fee. You can have your shoot later in thy year if you want to, though Springtime is gorgeous isn't it!

From the studio
Baby with pink and white hat

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