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A snapshot from Kate Lloyd
Do you want to take better photos?

Everyone takes photos of their child

Many are not perfect quality - would you like three secrets to make your photos better?


This eBook is at a basic level to help you take better photos of your child

Would you like a great result?

Many of us take photos of our children all through their lives. We may be happy that in the digital age we can delete the awful ones! But what are you left with? Are you thrilled with them?

If not download this eBook and see if learning the three basics (not so secret after all) which will transform your photos of your children.


Of course different age groups pose different challenges

Newborns are a specialised subject and I recommend a professional who is specifically trained to do this

Toddlers are always tricky for a parent as they don't keep still any more!

Teens are often uncooperative.

So have a go at the easy ages when the child is biddable, or between newborn and starting to move.

See what you think of the eBook and let me know I'm keen to hear whether it helps.

Click here to find the downloadable eBook


From the studio

newborn Baby

One year old

Toddler on the move

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