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Guess how many new Cameras were sold for Christmas

If you got one read on...


Three things you need to know to make better pictures of your children

Better Pictures of your children

If you got a new Camera or Mobile Phone with fantastic photo capabilities for Christmas, and if you are not already an expert portrait photographer, you'll be interested in my eBook

Just go to my newborn photography Facebook page and click the link there and you can download the eBook for FREE!


If you are stuck with getting the results you really want call me to arrange your family or baby shoot.

I'd recommend if you have or are expecting a newborn baby - don't try it yourself - or at least don't rely totally on your photos. This is a specialist area. You should go for a Photographer who is a member of BANP The British Association of Newborn Photographers (I am a member).

To join this requires specialist training and accreditation based on an expert review of the work the photographer has done.

From the studio

newborn baby boy

6 week old boy and his Mum

Newborn girl lounging around

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