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A snapshot from Kate Lloyd
What's the question?

Are the wedding magazines responsible for the questions you ask?

Should you really ask something different?

Is there more to the answer you get than at first meets the eye?


If the question you are prompted to ask is "Do you do lots of weddings?"

 the answer you want might not be "Oh yes I do lots"

Read on for more on why I say that..................

How special is your wedding going to be?

Do you do a lot of weddings, or how many weddings do you do in a year?

These are common questions a Bride and Groom may ask when we meet at a wedding fair or on the phone.

Here's why I don't do lots of weddings

Each wedding has to be special, I'm sure it feels special to you and I need it to be special to me too.

I  couldn't bear the idea of doing a wedding every weekend - it would be like a factory

I offer a completely personal, tailormade and exclusive service, that's not for everyone so I like to do only special weddings.

The Bride has to be beautiful and charming, the Groom has to be handsome and charming

The venue has to be one where I like to work, or special in some other way, e.g. really unusual or prestigious 

The chemistry between us is important to me so I will always want to meet a couple and discuss the wedding plans before I agree to take on the work. If we don't hit it off it's likely that the wedding photography won't be the very best it could be. If we do hit it off you'll find the service will be amazing and unexpectedly fabulous.

That's because I'm only thinking about YOUR wedding, not the one I did last week, and not the one I'm doing tomorrow.

So what type of wedding photography service do you want? Everyday, boilerplate, 'samey samey', or fabulously focussed on your and your needs?


So - be different from all the others...........

Include a gorgeous engagement shoot

Think about having a Bridal Boudoir shoot in secret to make an album for the Groom - a fabulous wedding gift


Call me to discuss your particular specialness!

I'm eager to hear from you and work with you to captured  this most wonderful memory.

From the studio

Special moments sensitively captured

A real bride having a wonderful day

Sharing a secret

These two four year olds are playing at being a Bride and Groom

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