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How to Trust Your Photographer

So - the photographs are one of the few things that remain after the day itself


   We've come to the last in our series of 6 emails describing how to have an unforgettable wedding.

   And I've saved the trickiest topic for last.

   The key to getting stunning photography – and developing trust in your Photographer.

The key to getting stunning photography – and developing trust in your Photographer.

When you are trying to choose the photographer think carefully about the type of photographic style you like. That’s absolutely the first question you should ask yourselves.

There are so many styles. I’ve made a newsletter topic of this very point.
Do you like the formal approach or should the photographer be a ‘fly on the wall’
Do you both agree or have different views?
Can both be accommodated?
Do you want a mix of formal and relaxed pictures?
Once you’ve agreed what style you like then it’s time to do the research.
Ask your friends, ask your venue, look on Facebook or whatever web pages you prefer.

Pick a maximum of four of five photographers and call them. Of course you can email but it’s better to start the live interaction you’ll need to weed out your shortlist.
Once you’ve got two or three on the final list arrange a meeting with each of them.

The purpose of the meeting is to cover many things.  Think carefully about the personal chemistry between you. They will be with you throughout the day and will share some really intimate and emotional moments with you.
A most important question is “Will having this person around on your wedding day make it better or worse?”
If you are thinking of a Bridal Boudoir session will this be a relaxed and comfortable experience with this person taking the pictures.

At the meeting is it clear what they charge? If they have ‘wedding packages’ do you really understand what is included and what isn’t? Is it all in writing? Are they flexible about what you’d like? Are they listening to you? Do you feel like a real person to them or are you just one of hundreds of weddings they do each year?

Albums and other outputs
What are the albums like that they produce? Is there flexibility to choose and personalise the albums with your selection of extra images? Will that cost more and if so how much? If you want a DVD with images can you have that? What does it cost and what’s included?
Will you know before you finalise the order what you’ll have to pay?

Engagement shoot
Will they offer an engagement shoot from which you can choose pictures for a sign in sheet or stationery? It’s a great way to develop trust; you get used to being photographed professionally together and ensure that you see the photographer’s output before the wedding day.

If you think it’s ghastly and not at all what you wanted don’t be scared YOU CAN CANCEL at this point. Check the Terms and Conditions to see if you’ll get the deposit back or not. Even if you don’t it’s better to get a photographer whose work you like that go ahead and have a horrible result.

Written confirmation
After the meeting do you get confirmation from them of what has been agreed? Have they sent you something in writing, even if you haven’t yet decided to book them? What is in the Terms and Conditions? Is there anything you feel is unfair or that causes you to be concerned?
Check the list of 7 questions I’ve circulated before and be sure you know the answer to each one and are comfortable with it.

It is really important to reach an understanding about what will and will not be
photographed, and how it will be selected and presented. 

   Thanks for spending the time with me learning how to make your
wedding unforgettable for all the best reasons.

   Good luck with all your plans!

From the studio

Engagement shoot 1

Engagement shoot 2

Engagement shoot 3

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