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You deserve the very Best!

Great special offer for a newborn baby shoot


Because you deserve the best

If you are expecting or planning a baby this year (and I know that's not everyone's plan), I'm eager to be your chosen photographer for the newborn moments

It's a really specialised form of photography and please don't think just anyone will be able to do it. After all you deserve the best!

There are all sorts of reasons you should choose me, but today's additional reason is I am offering a 12% discount on the booking fee for anyone booking their photo shoot date in January, if the shoot is to be completed before end of March 2013.

Just call me or email and arrange when works for you.

Normal fee is £85.00 including a print, but this limited time offer is just £75.00.

You choose the products and outputs once you've seen the pictures and you won't be bamboozled into buying anything you don't want, or which doesn't suit your needs.

So because you and your baby are truly special please call me so I can arrange in advance to be there for you in the first 2 weeks after the baby arrives.

From the studio

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