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A snapshot from Kate Lloyd
Choose with care!

Would you like to make your friends envious

Would you like to impress them beyond just inviting them to the wedding?

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Would you like to be fetured in a Wedding Magazine?

If so be particularly careful how you choose the wedding photographer

Do they have a track record of getting published?

I'm chuffed and so would you be!

Just supposing you wanted to flaunt your dress, gorgeous shoes, flowers, jewellery and choice of venue there's no better way to do it than to get your wedding featured in one of the wedding magazines.

If this is something you'd consider then choose your photographer with care and with publication in mind!

The February and March edition of 'Your Surrey Wedding' AND 'Your Sussex Wedding' both have 4 page feature articles on two of the weddings I photographed last year!

Now the current issue of Your Surrey Wedding has one of my images on the cover!

To say I'm chuffed about it would be an understatement.

I'm absolutely delighted to be reminded how beautiful both brides looked, how handsome the Grooms were and how lovely were all the flowers and other arrangements they had selected at the two wonderful venues, Loseley Park in Surrey and South Lodge Hotel in Sussex.

Being a wedding photographer must be one of the most fabulous jobs, bringing pleasure to people on one of the most important days of their lives is a real privilege.

Of course the day itself is fantastic but being able to revisit the memories and relive the event with the help of a beautiful album is probably even more of a pleasure.

Today I delivered an album to another couple from 2011 and they said how lovely it was "to see the pictures properly not just on the computer screen"

I was so delighted to see their pleasure in the album and their comments on the wedding day itself were all happy ones.

If this idea appeals to you call me so we can talk through your needs

From the studio

At Loseley Park

In a shopping street in Sheffield

Children having fun

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