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Thank you all Mums -you're great!

The portfolio shoots revealed


In November, December January and February I met a wonderful group of Mums as a result of my special offer of free photoshoots for newborn babies under two weeks old.

The reason for the offer was to develop a different portfolio of images. For many years I have done newborn photography in people's homes using natural light in the vast majority of cases. With the advent of the iPhone and everyone having a camera of some sort always on hand, it seems that everyone regards themself as a photographer. So I decided it was time to change and make images that parents know are special. This involved controlling the light for the images, so the sessions were studio based and with artificial lights.

The results have been really satisfying for me, and I think also for the parents and many of them have said nice things about how I work with their babies and about the resulting pictures.

I also wanted to try out some new props and hats, as I find myself a compulsive collector of unusual things on which or in which to pose the newborn babies. It makes for some odd discussions in shops! 

So this newsletter is by way of a thank you to the Mums, Dads and babies who kindly came along and had photoshoots during the past few months.

I hope you enjoy the results of the photoshoots, and that you will look back with pleasure when your babies are much older and more grown up. The first few days of life are such a treasured moment, and you can never get that time back. I look at my children and grandchildren in amazement and think of how tiny each one was when newly arrived.

Please feel free to share this with friends and please encourage any one with a new baby, however tired and foggy their brains may feel to call me and arrange a shoot before too many days have gone by.

If you have colleagues going on maternity leave I can offer gift vouchers for the parting presents, which may be somewhat more special than a box of disposable nappies, or a set of muslins! They need those anyway, and will buy them for themselves so get them something special!

So finally I hope you had a great Mother's day yesterday and were thoroughly spoiled by your family. Now it's back to reality.

From the studio

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