Children grow up so fast and it’s suddenly time for school

It’s a defining moment when your little one becomes so grown up they are off to school.

Maybe they are suddenly a miniature version of you or remind you of another adult in the family.

The family likenesses can be transient and should be captured in professional photography.

Whether they are bursting with energy and enthusiasm, or anxious and uncertain, your heart swells with pride to see the special person they’ve become.

There’s a critical moment before children decide they don’t want to participate in family portrait photography and at the age of about 5  to 8 years old they can often be relied on to cooperate with a professional photographer who has a few tricks up her sleeve to help this work out. Often the refusal to take part is more vehement when parents are trying to take the pictures, so bringing in the expert children’s portrait photographer can be very worthwhile.

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