Contemporary professional infant and children’s photography is a vital part of family history. Creating the family record to look back for family resemblances and likenesses is such great fun for all generations

A wonderful moment happens when your child takes their first steps. It’s a moment you won’t forget. Wobbly at first – then toddling with more confidence, the unsteady progress makes life changes for all of you inevitable!

Professional portrait photographs of a toddler are some of the most special images to capture. Your baby has become a real person with intentions expressed in action - and all of sudden life is different!

All sorts of fun can be enjoyed together, playing and learning new things. Now the personality shows so much - the serious moments, the happy smiles, the wicked looks when you know something you’ll disapprove of is afoot.

Life has taught me to go with the flow where babies are concerned and I always aim to fit any baby portrait photography around the baby’s schedule. Picking their best time of day for a shot makes such a difference, stopping for food and drink, and finishing the shoot before the baby is too tired, and the parents become frazzled, is very important to me. Your baby’s happy face is the key to a successful baby photography session and that’s what I aim to capture for you.

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