Life is such fun
Now that I'm one
So much to do
Now that I'm two
Places to be
Now that I'm three
I know the score
Now that I'm four
So much alive
Now that I'm five
Up to new tricks
Now that I'm six
Truly in heaven
Now that I’m seven
There’s no debate
It’s great to be eight
Everything’s fine
Now that I’m nine

Welcome to Kate Lloyd Family Photography

Capturing all the stages of family life from newborn through to old age is one of the great privileges for any photographer. I love it – there couldn’t be a better job. Seeing the family likenesses across generations and working out the various different connections and relationships, often very noticeable in the pictures is a very enjoyable occupation.

I’ve always been interested in genetics and the expression of this in family resemblances sometimes takes my breath away.

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